Unruh Effect in nonlocal field theories

  title={Unruh Effect in nonlocal field theories},
  author={Nirmalya Kajuri},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the Unruh Effect for a wide class of nonlocal theories. Using the approach of Bogoliubov coefficients, we show that the Unruh Effect remains entirely unmodified in these theories. However, for those nonlocal theories which incorporate a minimal length, the approach using Unruh-DeWitt detectors predicts a modification in the Unruh Effect. Previous work shows that this modification may even be drastic. This appears contradictory with two apparently equivalent methods giving different… 

Modified Wightman function and Unruh effect in nonlocal field theories

The nonlocal field theory commonly requires a minimal length, and so it appears to formulate the nonlocal theory in terms of the doubly special relativity which makes the speed of light and the

Unruh effect of nonlocal field theories with a minimal length

O ct 2 01 7 Universality of the Unruh effect

This paper proves the universal nature of the Unruh effect in a general class of weakly non-local field theories and solves the tension between two conflicting claims published in literature.

Universality of the Unruh effect

In this paper we prove the universal nature of the Unruh effect in a general class of weakly nonlocal field theories. At the same time we solve the tension between two conflicting claims published in

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We investigate the effect of non-locality on entanglement entropy in anti-de Sitter space-time. We compute entanglement entropy of a nonlocal field theory in anti-de Sitter space-time and find

Ghost-free modification of the Polyakov action and Hawking radiation

In this paper we discuss possible effects of non-locality in black hole spacetimes. We consider a two-dimensional theory in which the action describing matter is a ghost-free modification of the

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We investigate the effect of infrared non-locality on the entanglement between two causally separated open-charts in the de Sitter space-time. Inspired by the work of Maldacena and Pimentel who gave




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