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Unravelling translanguaging : the potential of translanguaging as a scaffold among teachers and pupils in superdiverse classrooms in Flemish education (Belgium)

  title={Unravelling translanguaging : the potential of translanguaging as a scaffold among teachers and pupils in superdiverse classrooms in Flemish education (Belgium)},
  author={Kirsten Rosiers},

Translingual Discursive Spaces in Language and Arts Lessons

  • S. Degano
  • Sociology
    Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal
  • 2019
Flexible multilingual pedagogies such as translanguaging pedagogies are promising stepping stones towards a more equitable access to educational resources for students of different backgrounds.

“They call me anneanne!” translanguaging as a theoretical and pedagogical challenge and opportunity in the kindergarten context in Norway

ABSTRACT Translanguaging has become a popular concept in educational contexts. However, it has not been discussed much in the kindergarten context of Norway. Many studies on translanguaging have been

Challenging the monolingual mindset: Understanding plurilingual pedagogies in English as an Additional Language (EAL) classrooms

Current theories of bilingualism argue that the language practices of bilinguals are drawn from a single linguistic repertoire, and that enabling access to the full breadth of students’ language

“Translanguaging” and the implications for the future teaching of English in Norway

This article explores the concept of translanguaging and its pedagogical implications. Specifically, I discuss how pedagogical translanguaging can be implemented in the teaching of English in Norway

Translanguaging and Multilingual Texts as a Resource in Superdiverse Classrooms

This contribution draws on the preliminary results of a project that uses translanguaging and plurilingual texts during an intervention (of six months) in one primary and one lower secondary school

Translanguaging-as-Resource: University ESL Instructors’ Language Orientations and Attitudes Toward Translanguaging

This article explores university English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors’ attitudes toward translanguaging in the classroom and possible reasons for instructors’ resistance in moving

‘English or Swedish please, no Dari!’ – (trans)languaging and language policing in upper secondary school’s language introduction programme in Sweden

ABSTRACT This article examines multilingual interactions in an upper secondary Language Introduction Programme (LIP) classroom in Sweden. The LIPs, highly affected by both glocal linguistic and

Languaging and Translanguaging for English Language Teaching

Translanguaging revisited

  • Kirsten Rosiers
  • Education, Linguistics
    Translanguaging – researchers and practitioners in dialogue
  • 2018
This article takes a translanguaging perspective and is based on linguistic-ethnographic research. It investigates the participants’ interactional engagement with their linguistic repertoire in