Unravelling the taxonomy of an interstitial fish radiation: Three new species of Gouania (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from the Mediterranean Sea and redescriptions of G. willdenowi and G. pigra

  title={Unravelling the taxonomy of an interstitial fish radiation: Three new species of Gouania (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from the Mediterranean Sea and redescriptions of G. willdenowi and G. pigra},
  author={Maximilian Wagner and Marcelo Kova{\vc}i{\'c} and Stephan Koblm{\"u}ller},
  journal={Journal of Fish Biology},
  pages={64 - 88}
Abstract The clingfish (Gobiesocidae) genus Gouania Nardo, 1833 is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and inhabits, unlike any other vertebrate species in Europe, the harsh intertidal environment of gravel beaches. Following up on a previous phylogenetic study, we revise the diversity and taxonomy of this genus by analysing a comprehensive set of morphological (meristics, morphometrics, microcomputed tomography imaging), geographical and genetic (DNA‐barcoding) data. We provide descriptions of… 

New records of recently described Zebrus pallaoroi (Actinopterygii: Gobiiformes: Gobiidae) with notes on its morphology, ecology, and molecular identification

The phylogenetic analysis performed on sequenced COI, cytochrome b, and rhodopsin genes placed Z. pallaoroi in a distinct clade within Zebrus–Millerigobius group and the preference of this species for the very shallow habitat is confirmed and discussed.

First documentation of the otoliths of the species of Gouania (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new data, although preliminary, indicate that otolith morphology and morphometry support the recognition of the recently differentiated five species of Gouania in the Mediterranean Sea and resemble each other more than do those of the more distantly related species.

An Analysis of Adriatic Ichthyofauna—Ecology, Zoogeography, and Conservation Status

The paper presents an analysis of biogeographic and habitat distribution patterns, and the conservation status data of Adriatic fishes, based on the last published checklist and evidence-based



A new species of the clingfish genus Trachelochismus from bay and estuarine areas of New Zealand (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae)

Phylogenetic analyses of mitochondrial loci and one nuclear locus for all three species of Trachelochismus and two outgroup taxa resulted in phylogenetic hypotheses in which T. aestuarium is the sister taxon to either T. pinnulatus (mitochondrial loci) or T. melobesia (ZIC1).

The Caribbean Roughhead Triplefin (Enneanectes boehlkei): DNA barcoding reveals a complex of four West Indian sympatric cryptic species (Teleostei: Blennioidei: Tripterygiidae)

The Roughhead Triplefin Blenny (the Enneanectes boehlkei complex), four different barcode COI mtDNA lineages occur in the Lesser Antilles, at least three of which can be collected on the same shoreline on the island of Dominica, and they are described here as species.

A New Genus and Species of Clingfish (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from Western Australia

The new taxon is distinguished from all other members of the Gobiesocidae by having vast fields of tiny conical teeth throughout the oral jaws that are arranged in multiple, regular rows along the lingual surface of the premaxilla and the dentary.

A new species of the clingfish genus Apletodon (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from the Cape Verde Islands, Eastern Central Atlantic

The clingfish Apletodon barbatus sp. nov. is described on the basis of 22 specimens and color photos from Santiago and Sal Islands, Cape Verde Islands, eastern central Atlantic Ocean. The species is

A cornucopia of cryptic species - a DNA barcode analysis of the gobiid fish genus Trimma (Percomorpha, Gobiiformes)

A genetic analysis of partial mitochondrial 5’ cytochrome c oxidase I gene (DNA barcode) sequences of 473 specimens assigned to 52 morphological species of the gobiid genus Trimma revealed the presence of 94 genetic lineages, raising the predicted total number of species in this genus from about 110 to nearly 200.

A new genus and two new species of miniature clingfishes from temperate southern Australia (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae)

Abstract A new genus and two new species of miniature clingfishes are described based on specimens collected from dense stands of macroalgae in intertidal and shallow subtidal areas along the coast

Cirripectes matatakaro, a new species of combtooth blenny from the Central Pacific, illuminates the origins of the Hawaiian fish fauna

A molecular-phylogenetic analysis resolves many of the previously unresolved relationships within the genus Cirripectes and reveals C. matatakaro as the sister lineage to the Hawaiian C. vanderbilti.

Diplecogaster tonstricula, a new species of cleaning clingfish (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from the Canary Islands and Senegal, eastern Atlantic Ocean, with a review of the Diplecogaster-ctenocrypta species-group

The new species Diplecogaster tonstricula, a facultative cleaner of other teleosts, is described on the basis of eight specimens and colour photos from Senegal and the Canary Islands, eastern Atlantic Ocean.