Unravelling the complex nature of security force defection

  title={Unravelling the complex nature of security force defection},
  author={Alexei Anisin},
  journal={Global Change, Peace \& Security},
  pages={135 - 155}
  • A. Anisin
  • Published 3 May 2020
  • Political Science
  • Global Change, Peace & Security
ABSTRACT This study analyses a large number of regime-change seeking movements, their experiences with state repression, and the outcome of security force defection. Crisp-set Qualitative-Comparative Analysis (csQCA) is utilised to investigate six conditions and set-theoretic associations with defection. Results reveal that defection is neither sufficiently nor necessarily tied to any single condition. Contrary to theoretical expectations, of the most salient identified solutions, three out of… 
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