Unraveling tissue regeneration pathways using chemical genetics.

  title={Unraveling tissue regeneration pathways using chemical genetics.},
  author={Lijoy K. Mathew and Sumitra Sengupta and Atsushi Kawakami and Eric A Andreasen and Christiane V L{\"o}hr and Catherine A Loynes and Stephen A Renshaw and Randall T. Peterson and Robert L. Tanguay},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={282 48},
Identifying the molecular pathways that are required for regeneration remains one of the great challenges of regenerative medicine. Although genetic mutations have been useful for identifying some molecular pathways, small molecule probes of regenerative pathways might offer some advantages, including the ability to disrupt pathway function with precise temporal control. However, a vertebrate regeneration model amenable to rapid throughput small molecule screening is not currently available. We… CONTINUE READING


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