Unraveling the contribution of ectoenzymes to myeloma life and survival in the bone marrow niche.

  title={Unraveling the contribution of ectoenzymes to myeloma life and survival in the bone marrow niche.},
  author={Valeria Quarona and Valentina Ferri and A. Chillemi and Marina Bolzoni and Cristina Mancini and Gianluca Zaccarello and Ilaria Roato and Fabio Morandi and Danilo Marimpietri and Giuliano Faccani and Eugenia Marta Martella and Vito Pistoia and Nicola Giuliani and A L Horenstein and Fabio Malavasi},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
The bone marrow provides a protected environment for generating a vast array of cell types. Bones are thus a dynamic source of structural components and soluble factors used either locally or at a distance from their site of production. We discuss the role of ectoenzymes in the bone niche where human myeloma grows. Selected ectoenzymes have been tested for their ability to promote production of substrates involved in signaling, synthesis of growth factors and hormones, and modulation of the… CONTINUE READING


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