Unraveling Two-Photon Entanglement via the Squeezing Spectrum of Light Traveling through Nanofiber-Coupled Atoms.

  title={Unraveling Two-Photon Entanglement via the Squeezing Spectrum of Light Traveling through Nanofiber-Coupled Atoms.},
  author={Jakob Hinney and Adarsh S. Prasad and Sahand Mahmoodian and Klemens Hammerer and Arno Rauschenbeutel and Philipp Schneeweiss and J{\"u}rgen Volz and Maximilian Schemmer},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={127 12},
We observe that a weak guided light field transmitted through an ensemble of atoms coupled to an optical nanofiber exhibits quadrature squeezing. From the measured squeezing spectrum we gain direct access to the phase and amplitude of the energy-time entangled part of the two-photon wave function which arises from the strongly correlated transport of photons through the ensemble. For small atomic ensembles we observe a spectrum close to the line shape of the atomic transition, while sidebands… Expand
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