Unpolarized and Helicity Generalized Parton Distributions of the Proton within Lattice QCD.

  title={Unpolarized and Helicity Generalized Parton Distributions of the Proton within Lattice QCD.},
  author={Constantia Alexandrou and Krzysztof Cichy and Martha Constantinou and K. Hadjiyiannakou and Karl Jansen and Aurora Scapellato and Fernanda Steffens},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={125 26},
We present the first calculation of the x dependence of the proton generalized parton distributions (GPDs) within lattice QCD. Results are obtained for the isovector unpolarized and helicity GPDs. We compute the appropriate matrix elements of fast-moving protons coupled to nonlocal operators containing a Wilson line. We present results for proton momenta 0.83,1.25,1.67 GeV, and momentum transfer squared 0.69,1.38  GeV^{2}. These combinations include cases with zero and nonzero skewness. The… 

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