Unpinning and removal of a rotating wave in cardiac muscle.

  title={Unpinning and removal of a rotating wave in cardiac muscle.},
  author={Seiji Takagi and Alain Pumir and Diego Paz{\'o} and Igor R. Efimov and Vladimir Nikolski and Valentin Krinsky},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 5},
Rotating waves in cardiac muscle may be pinned to a heterogeneity, as it happens in superconductors or in superfluids. We show that the physics of electric field distribution between cardiac cells permits one to deliver an electric pulse exactly to the core of a pinned wave, without knowing its position, and even to locations where a direct access is not possible. Thus, unpinning or removal of rotating waves can be achieved. The energy needed is 2 orders of magnitude less than defibrillation… CONTINUE READING

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