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Unpacking brand management superiority : examining the interplay among brand orientation and market-linking and controlling mechanisms

  title={Unpacking brand management superiority : examining the interplay among brand orientation and market-linking and controlling mechanisms},
  author={Wj Lee},
The importance of building brands with high levels of brand equity is widely acknowledged by scholars and practitioners alike. Such strong brands enable firms to generate stronger earnings and provide firms with a much stronger defensible position. Given these benefits, it is not surprising that building a strong brand remains a top priority for many businesses. However, achieving this end is not without its challenges as the industry is permeated with instances of branding failure (e.g… 
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This study aims to mediate the influence of the Brand Management System on Brand Performance by proposing a Competitive Intensity Value Resonance that mediates between the Brand Management System and


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Purpose – This paper aims to undertake an empirical study to investigate the nature and magnitude of potential benefits that accrue to firms that have a high level of brand