Unmasking the ‘muscle Jew’: the Jewish soldier in British war service, 1899–1945

  title={Unmasking the ‘muscle Jew’: the Jewish soldier in British war service, 1899–1945},
  author={Gavin Schaffer},
  journal={Patterns of Prejudice},
  pages={375 - 396}
ABSTRACT Constructions of Jews in twentieth-century Europe have been riddled throughout with inconsistencies and contradictions. However, some themes have been surprisingly persistent, none more so than constructions of Jews as weak, effeminate and cowardly. Schaffer looks at one significant set of responses to such characterizations, specifically at the rise of the ‘muscle Jew’ in Jewish and non-Jewish thinking. After the term was coined by Max Nordau at the turn of the twentieth century, the… 
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Keeping Kosher in the Camp: Feeding Interned British Jews during the First World War

ABSTRACT During the First World War, Jews interned in Germany struggled to keep kosher. The British government initially funded a kosher food programme for its own interned nationals, but it removed

Not victims: the image of Jews in World War Two

Abstract When speaking about Jews, the tendency is to regard them as oppressed victims, closely cramped in trains taking them to the death camps. They are not perceived as fearless heroes, nor brave

‘In Glasgow but not quite of it’? Eastern European Jewish immigrants in a provincial Jewish community from c.1890 to c.1945

This article makes use of autobiographies and oral interviews in order to explore the lifestyles of the first generation of immigrants within one particular provincial Jewish community – the Gorbals

The Jewish Brigade Group and Italy: A Political and Historiographical Quarrel*

  • G. Fantoni
  • History, Sociology
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 2021
This article shows that the emergence of new nonscholarly literature about the Jewish Brigade Group produced contrasting interpretations in Italy of the roles played by the Jews and the Arabs of



'... A Good Jew and a Good Englishman': The Jewish Lads' Brigade, 1894-1922

a Christian and both his parents had been baptized. It was only later, while serving in India, that Goldsmid decided to return to the Jewish faith.3 He also expressed a very typical Anglo-Jewish

Jewishness and Masculinity from the Modern to the Postmodern

Acknowledgments Introduction 1: "The Jew" as Homme/Femme Fatale: Jewish (Art)ifice, Trilby, and Drefyus 2: Emancipation to Die Muskeljuden: Zionism, Masculinity, and the Liberated Jewish Body 3: The

Demography and Degeneration: Eugenics and the Declining Birthrate in Twentieth-Century Britain

Richard Soloway offers a compelling and authoritative study of the relationship of the eugenics movement to the dramatic decline in the birthrate and family size in twentieth-century Britain. Working

"Clear Heads, Solid Stomachs, and Hard Muscles": Max Nordau and the Aesthetics of Jewish Regeneration

Using a range of visual and archival sources, this article examines the "body culture" of German Zionism around the fin de siecle. I give particular attention to Max Nordau's invention of the muscle

The Jewish Lads' Brigade at the Dalston synagogue

  • 50Á 1. 65 'The Lads' Brigade', Jewish Chronicle

The Story of the Jewish Legion

    This evolved into the Jewish Ex-Servicemen's Legion in 1929 and finally the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen in 1939

    • The first of these organizations was the Old Judeans Comrades Association in 1921

    The Lads' Brigade

    • Jewish Chronicle