Unloaded heart in vivo replicates fetal gene expression of cardiac hypertrophy

  title={Unloaded heart in vivo replicates fetal gene expression of cardiac hypertrophy},
  author={Christophe Depr{\'e} and Gregory L. Shipley and Wenhao Chen and Qiuying Han and Torsten Doenst and Meredith L. Moore and Stanislaw M. Stepkowski and Peter J.A. Davies and Heinrich Taegtmeyer},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
The cardiac response to increased work includes a reactivation of fetal genes. The response to a decrease in cardiac work is not known. Such information is of clinical interest, because mechanical unloading can improve the functional capacity of the failing heart. We compared here the patterns of gene expression in unloaded rat heart with those in hypertrophied rat heart. Both conditions induced a re-expression of growth factors and proto-oncogenes, and a downregulation of the 'adult' isoforms… CONTINUE READING
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