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University of Arizona Southern California Tree-Ring Study

  title={University of Arizona Southern California Tree-Ring Study},
  author={David M Meko and Connie A. Woodhouse and Erica R. Bigio},
A multi-century July-August streamflow reconstruction of Metro Vancouver's water supply contribution from the Capilano and Seymour watersheds in southwestern British Columbia, Canada
Abstract Recent summer water shortages in Metro Vancouver are the result of unanticipated changes in the timing of regional snowmelt and rising summer temperatures. Continuing shortfalls over the
Episodic Coastal Progradation of the Oxnard Plain, Southern California, USA
ABSTRACT Zurbuchen, J.; Simms, A.R., and Huot, S., 2020. Episodic coastal progradation of the Oxnard Plain, Southern California, USA. Journal of Coastal Research, 36(6), 1130–1144. Coconut Creek


Application of the Cross Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Coherence to OH-PLIF in Bluff-Body Stabilized Flames
A number of high-speed experimental techniques provide the opportunity to collect spatio-temporal information about the evolution of the flowfield and reactions in turbulent flames. This is
Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences
Read any paper in statistical meteorology or climatology since 1995 and you are nearly certain to find a citation of the first edition of this book (Wilks 1995). This is for good reason. The book is
Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB
This book discusses Exploratory Data Analysis, Hierarchical Methods Optimization Methods-k-Means, and more.
Classical and modern regression with applications
The author emphasizes applications with examples that illustrate nearly all the techniques discussed. Applications have been selected from physical sciences, engineering, biology, management science
On the Average Value of Correlated Time Series, with Applications in Dendroclimatology and Hydrometeorology
Abstract In a number of areas of applied climatology, time series are either averaged to enhance a common underlying signal or combined to produce area averages. How well, then, does the average of a
Fourier Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction
Probability, statistics, and decision for civil engineers
The Manuel Reference Record is used as a source for statistical uncertainty in the area of probabilite estimation and its values can be modified for error-correcting purposes.
Dendroclimatology, dendrohydrology, and water resources
  • 2011
Cross-Validation in Statistical Climate Forecast Models
Abstract Cross-validation is a statistical procedure that produces an estimate of forecast skill which is less biased than the usual hindcast skill estimates. The cross-validation method
ABSTRACT: A time series of annual flow of the Sacramento River, California, is reconstructed to A.D. 869 from tree rings for a long-term perspective on hydrologic drought. Reconstructions derived by