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Universals in language usage: Politeness phenomena

  title={Universals in language usage: Politeness phenomena},
  author={Penelope E. Brown and S. Levinson},
Spanish vs. English disagreement: An analysis of cultural and situational variation
This paper highlights the results of an intercultural study within the theoretical frame of (im)politeness about the way in which Spanish and English speakers manage situations of disagreement.Expand
The construction of cooperative and inferential meaning by children with Asperger syndrome
Abstract This study aims to apply the Gricean theory of conversational cooperation to the example of inferential meaning in the oral speech of children with pragmatic deficit. Firstly, the analysisExpand
Politeness and offering in Libyan Arabic hospitality
This study examines the nature and sequencing of offering and receiving hospitality in Libyan society and discusses the extent to which offers and refusals are conventionalized in Libyan ArabicExpand
A Linguistic Analysis of Peer-review Critique in Four Modes of Computer-mediated Communication
The results of the study show that the pragmatic strategies aimed at praise and agreement prevail in the corpus data produced by predominantly native speakers of Swedish, and seem to have wider implications in the context of online L2 learning activities. Expand
A Comparative Study on the Use of Compliment Response Strategies by Persian and English Native Speakers
The significance of pragmatic knowledge and politeness strategies has recently been emphasized in language learning and teaching. Most communication failures originate in the lack of pragmaticExpand
The Persuasive Utterances in a Political Discourse (The Case Study of the Regent Election Campaign of Pasuruan, East Java-Indonesia)
AbstractThis article describes the result of the research study of persuasive utterances used by the campaign speakers of the Regent and vice Regent election at Pasuruan, East Java. The specific aimExpand
The use of questions and the consequences for face work in media discourse : an empirical analysis of The Jeremy Kyle Show
This empirical study explores the expression of face work in a confessional televised talk show, The Jeremy Kyle Show, with the principal focus of analysis and examination on the host's interrogativeExpand
Evaluation of English Language Teaching Departments of Turkish and Iranian Universities in Terms of Politeness Strategies with Reference to Request
The ultimate objective in post-method pedagogy is developing language learner’s communicative competence to enable them to participate in communication acts. Effective oral communication entailsExpand
Relational agents : effecting change through human-computer relationships
What kinds of social relationships can people have with computers? Are there activities that computers can engage in that actively draw people into relationships with them? What are the potentialExpand