Universality of the Fermi-Hellmann model

  title={Universality of the Fermi-Hellmann model},
  author={Volker Dr Bach and Heinz Siedentop},
for all r > 0, where CI[ = (n/q(21+ I))’ and j?,= 1(1+ 1) + c for some positive constant c, constitutes a model for the density of an atom. p, may be interpreted as the radial density of the electrons having angular momentum square equal to 1(1+ 1 ), q is the number of spin states, i.e., q = 2 for electrons, Z is the nuclear charge, N is the total number of electrons bound by the nucleus, ,D is the chemical potential, and cp the electro-static potential of the charge density. Fermi [5 J… CONTINUE READING