Universality in nontrivial continuum limits: a model calculation

  title={Universality in nontrivial continuum limits: a model calculation},
  author={Yannick Meurice and Mehmet Buğrahan Oktay},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study numerically the continuum limit corresponding to the non-trivial fixed point of Dyson’s hierarchical model. We discuss the possibility of using the critical amplitudes as input parameters. We determine numerically the leading and subleading critical amplitudes of the zero-momentum connected 2l-point functions in the symmetric phase up to the 20-point function for randomly chosen local measures. Using these amplitudes, we construct quantities which are expected to be universal in the… 
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Nonlinear aspects of the renormalization group flows of Dyson's hierarchical model

We review recent results concerning the renormalization group (RG) transformation of Dyson's hierarchical model (HM). This model can be seen as an approximation of a scalar field theory on a lattice.



Statistical Field Theory

Classical equilibrium statistical mechanics magnetic systems the Ising model the low-temperature and high-temperature expansions the Landau-Ginsberg model near the transition the renormalization

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