Universal probe amplification: multiplex screening technologies for genetic variations.


In order to achieve multiplex screening of genetic variations, multiplex amplification of target genomic DNA is necessary. Universal amplification technology meets this requirement by simultaneously amplifying a number of different regions within the target genomic DNA using a single pair of universal primers and thus eliminating the limitations associated with the use of multiple pairs of primers. We comprehensively review universal probe amplification and its use with multiplex technologies for the identification of the most representative genetic variation, i. e. single nucleotide polymorphisms. The progress and key issues relating to universal probe amplification are discussed and the representative technologies are summarized with an emphasis on their application for the identification of susceptibility to human diseases.

DOI: 10.1002/biot.201400219

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@article{Park2015UniversalPA, title={Universal probe amplification: multiplex screening technologies for genetic variations.}, author={Jung Hun Park and Ki Soo Park and Kyungmee Lee and Hyowon Jang and Hyun Gyu Park}, journal={Biotechnology journal}, year={2015}, volume={10 1}, pages={45-55} }