Universal health insurance and health care access for homeless persons.

  title={Universal health insurance and health care access for homeless persons.},
  author={Stephen W. Hwang and Joanna J M Ueng and Shirley Chiu and Alex Kiss and George Tolomiczenko and Laura Cowan and Wendy S Levinson and Donald A Redelmeier},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={100 8},
OBJECTIVES We examined the extent of unmet needs and barriers to accessing health care among homeless people within a universal health insurance system. METHODS We randomly selected a representative sample of 1169 homeless individuals at shelters and meal programs in Toronto, Ontario. We determined the prevalence of self-reported unmet needs for health care in the past 12 months and used regression analyses to identify factors associated with unmet needs. RESULTS Unmet health care needs… CONTINUE READING

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