Universal communication architecture for high-dynamic robot systems using QNX

  title={Universal communication architecture for high-dynamic robot systems using QNX},
  author={Nnamdi Kohn and J. Uwe Varchmin and Jens Steiner and Ursula Goltz},
  journal={ICARCV 2004 8th Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision Conference, 2004.},
  pages={205-210 Vol. 1}
In this paper a new flexible communication architecture for high dynamic robot applications is presented. The motivation for the development is founded on the special requirements imposed by PKMs (parallel kinematic machines). PKMs obtain a different kinematic structure compared to their serial counterparts based on closed kinematic chains. This structural feature leads to a number of favorable properties as high structural stiffness, high accuracy and low moved masses resulting in high payload… CONTINUE READING


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