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Universal Mappings and Analysis of Functional Data on Geometric Domains

  title={Universal Mappings and Analysis of Functional Data on Geometric Domains},
  author={Soheil Anbouhi and Washington Mio and Osman Berat Okutan},
This paper employs techniques from metric geometry and optimal transport theory to address questions related to the analysis of functional data on metric or metric-measure spaces, which we refer to as fields. Formally, fields are viewed as 1-Lipschitz mappings between Polish spaces, with the domain possibly equipped with a probability measure. We establish the existence and uniqueness, up to isometry, of Urysohn fields; that is, universal and homogeneous elements for this class. We prove a… 



Gromov–Wasserstein Distances and the Metric Approach to Object Matching

  • F. Mémoli
  • Computer Science
    Found. Comput. Math.
  • 2011
This paper discusses certain modifications of the ideas concerning the Gromov–Hausdorff distance which have the goal of modeling and tackling the practical problems of object matching and comparison by proving explicit lower bounds for the proposed distance that involve many of the invariants previously reported by researchers.

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