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Universal Area Law in Turbulence

  title={Universal Area Law in Turbulence},
  author={Alexander Migdal},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • A. Migdal
  • Published 20 March 2019
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
We re-visit the Area Law in Turbulence discovered many years ago \cite{M93} and verified recently in numerical experiments\cite{S19}. We derive this law in a simpler way, at the same time outlining the limits of its applicability. Using the PDF for velocity circulation as a functional of the loop in coordinate space, we obtain explicit formulas for vorticity correlations in presence of velocity circulation. These functions are related to the shape of the scaling function of the PDF as well as… 

Scaling Index $\alpha = \frac{1}{2}$ In Turbulent Area Law

We analyze the Minimal Area solution to the Loop Equations in turbulence \cite{M93}. As it follows from the new derivation in the recent paper \cite{M19}, the vorticity is represented as a normal

The area rule for circulation in three-dimensional turbulence

It is shown that the hitherto unknown connection between minimal surfaces and turbulence is highlighted, and it is found that circulation statistics match in the two cases only when normalized by an internal variable such as the SD.

Exact Area Law for Planar Loops in Turbulence in Two and Three Dimensions

We study properties of the minimal surface in the Area Law Solution \cite{M93}, \cite{M19a}, \cite{M19b}. We find out that Area Law holds exactly for 2D turbulence as well as for arbitrary planar

Area rule for circulation and minimal surfaces in three-dimensional turbulence

An important idea underlying a plausible dynamical theory of circulation in 3D turbulence is the so-called Area Rule, according to which the probability density function (PDF) of the circulation

Analytic and Numerical Study of Navier-Stokes Loop Equation in Turbulence

We developed analytic approach to the non-planar loop equation, which we derived in previous papers \cite{M19a},\cite{M19b},\cite{M19c}. We found quadratic integral equation for the vorticity

Turbulence, String Theory and Ising Model

We advance the vortex cell approach to turbulence \cite{TSVS} by elaborating the Clebsch field dynamics on the surface of vortex cells. We argue that resulting statistical system can be described as

Turbulence in Two-Dimensional Relativistic Hydrodynamic Systems with a Lattice Boltzmann Model

Using a Lattice Boltzmann hydrodynamic computational modeler to simulate relativistic fluid systems we explore turbulence in two-dimensional relativistic flows. We first a give a pedagogical


: We develop a new theory of circulation statistics in strong turbulence, treated as a fixed point of a Hopf equation. Strong turbulence is the limit of vanishing viscosity in the Navier-Stokes

Clebsch confinement and instantons in turbulence

We introduce a concept of Clebsch confinement related to unbroken gauge invariance and study Clebsch instantons: singular vorticity sheets with nontrivial helicity. This is realization of the



Circulation in High Reynolds Number Isotropic Turbulence is a Bifractal

The turbulence problem at the level of scaling exponents is hard in part because of the multifractal scaling of small scales, which demands that each moment order be treated and understood

Asymptotic exponents from low-Reynolds-number flows

The high-order statistics of fluctuations in velocity gradients in the crossover range from the inertial to the Kolmogorov and sub-Kolmogorov scales are studied by direct numerical simulations (DNS)

Turbulence as Statistics of Vortex Cells

We develop the formulation of turbulence in terms of the functional integral over the phase space configurations of the vortex cells. The phase space consists of Clebsch coordinates at the surface of

Loop Equation and Area Law in Turbulence

The incompressible fluid dynamics is reformulated as dynamics of closed loops C in coordinate space. We derive explicit functional equation for the pdf of the circulation P c (Γ) which allows the

A.Donzis, Anomalous exponents in strong turbulence in:Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena

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Anomalous exponents in strong turbulence in:Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena Volumes 384-385