Units for use in atmospheric chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 1995)

  title={Units for use in atmospheric chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 1995)},
  author={S E Schwartz and Peter. Warneck},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={1377 - 1406}
Chairman: 1985-1993 J. Slanina (Netherlands); Secretary: 1987-1995 P. Warneck (Germany); Titular Members: H. Akimoto (Japan; 1987-1995); L. Barrie (Canada; 1991-1995); N. M. Bazhin (Russia; 1991-1995); R. H. Brown (UK; 1991-1995); X. Tang (China; 1987-1995); Associate Members: E. H. Adema (Netherlands; 1991-1995); J. G. Calvert (USA; 1991-1995); K. H. Eickel (Germany; 1989-1993); J. A. Kerr (UK; 1987-1995); L. Klasinc (Croatia; 1991-1995); 0. Lindqvist (Sweden; 1989-1993); L. F. Philips (New… Expand

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