Uniting to Win: Labor-Environmental Alliances

  title={Uniting to Win: Labor-Environmental Alliances},
  author={Daniel Jakopovich},
  journal={Capitalism Nature Socialism},
  pages={74 - 96}
A mainstay of capitalist power is the capacity to divide those who would oppose it. Large numbers of potentially progressive groups, parties, movements, and constituencies regularly tend to clash, more often than not missing opportunities for cooperation and the achievement of a critical mass capable of affecting change. The questions arise: why should, why don’t, and how could these different political agents work together in order to achieve their individual and shared goals? This paper… 

Beyond growth: new alliances for socio-ecological transformation in Austria

ABSTRACT Trade unions and environmental movements are often seen as political opponents most prominently discussed in the form of the ‘jobs vs. environment dilemma’. Based on historical examples of

Turtles & teamsters revival? Analyzing labor unions' environmental discourse from the 2014 People's Climate March.

  • Lauren Contorno
  • Sociology
    Interface : a journal for and about social movements
  • 2018
The sociopolitical motivations driving American union members' engagement in the climate change movement, as well as the political ideologies inferred by their proposed action strategies are explored, through an examination of collective action frames.

Organized Labor and the Politics of Nuclear Energy: The Case of the Canadian Nuclear Workers Council

Over the past several years, there has been a gradual yet perceptible shift in the way that economic and political elites in the advanced capitalist world engage with environmental problems such as

Legitimation in Corporate Discourse: The Case of Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Pipeline

This thesis is a qualitative critical discourse and multimodal analysis of Enbridge’s “Gateway Facts” website – an online discourse created to offer information regarding their Northern Gateway

Beyond the Blue and Green: The Need to Consider Aboriginal Peoples’ Relationships to Resource Development in Labor-Environment Campaigns

In this article, I argue that labor researchers in North America need to engage more thoroughly with Indigenous studies if they hope to advance social and environmental justice. First, I suggest that

Green no more? : the coming-of-age of UK trade unions' environmental agenda 1970-2011

Abstract The relationship between trade unions and the environment is widely regarded as tense and difficult, yet in recent years the environment has become an important new campaigning issue for UK

Slowing the treadmill for a good life for All? German trade union narratives and social-ecological transformation

The “treadmill of production” economic system increasingly threatens to undermine the foundations of future human welfare. While urgent action is needed, conceptualisations of “the good life” (TGL)

The 'Green Economy': A Just and Sustainable Development Path or a 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'?

This article argues that a transformative model of the green economy could potentially benefit labour and provide an alternative, socially just and ecologically sustainable development path in South

Steel, Nature and Society

The paper analyses the impact of free-market corporate logic on nature and society through focusing on ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel producer. The rapid expansion of this company from the

Ecological Modernisation Revisited. In Norway

Abstract The international debate on ecological modernisation goes into the core problem in climate policies: (how) can we combine the economic growth that is part and parcel of the market economy



Regarding the Dutch `Nee' to the European Constitution

In June 2005, 61.5% of the Dutch voted `nee' in the referendum on the European constitution. In the present contribution I test hypotheses from the national identity, utilitarian and political

Spectacular Breakthrough for the Socialist Party

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