Corpus ID: 207923709

United States Patent Office 2 , 854 , 388 Patented Sept . 30 , 1958

  title={United States Patent Office 2 , 854 , 388 Patented Sept . 30 , 1958},
  author={William H. Safranek},
  • William H. Safranek
  • Published 2017
  • This invention relates to improvements in electroplat ing. More particularly, it relates to an improved bath and process for electrodepositing copper-tin alloys, where by soluble alloy anodes may be used to maintain the bath in proper concentrations. One of the problems in the prior-art plating of copper tin alloys has been the maintenance of proper concentra tions of components of the bath. As copper and tin are deposited on the cathode, there is a corresponding de pletion of these metals in… CONTINUE READING

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