United States Communist History Bibliography 2017 – and Selective International Communist History Bibliography (with a special section on the Russian Revolution)

  title={United States Communist History Bibliography 2017 – and Selective International Communist History Bibliography (with a special section on the Russian Revolution)},
  author={Peter Meyer Filardo},
  journal={American Communist History},
  pages={118 - 33}
  • P. Filardo
  • Published 2 January 2018
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  • American Communist History
The principal subject of this annual bibliography is the English language scholarly literature of United States Communism (supplemented by some articles from serious journals of opinion, obituaries, etc.). Naturally, anticommunism is covered as well. The bibliography is broad in scope, containing many items that are either tangential to U.S. Communism or, deemed to be, in the compiler’s opinion, of close interest to scholars of U.S. Communism. I hope the reader will find this broad… 
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United States Communist History Bibliography 2018
  • P. Filardo
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    American Communist History
  • 2019
“... essays... examine five major areas: World War I’s impact on labor and socialist movements; the history of coerced labor; patterns of ethnic and class identification; forms of working-class


The Russian Revolution and Spanish Communists, 1931–5
The article examines connections between Spanish communists and the Russian Revolution of 1917. Focusing on the period beginning with the founding of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931, it analyzes
The Turin Communist Movement
The Communist Movement in Turin Translator’s presentation The specific variations between Gramsci’s two Italian texts on the Turin movement are covered in Flavio Silvestrini’s Introduzione, but a few
A Bird’s Eye View of Soviet and World Communism
A. B. Bezborodov and N. V. Eliseeva, eds., Istoriia Kommunisticheskoi Partii Sovetskogo Soiuza (History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union). 671 pp. Moscow: Rosspen, 2013. ISBN-13
Another look at E. P. Thompson and British Communism, 1937–1955
Abstract Examination of E. P. Thompson’s activism in the Communist Party (CPGB) has been limited. Some historians, basing themselves on his memories and interpretations of his 1955 biography of
Homonationalism Before Homonationalism: Representations of Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union in the U.S. Homophile Press, 1953–1964
Abstract This essay focuses on representations of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe in U.S. homophile periodicals from 1953 to 1964. Extending the application of Jasbir Puar’s concept of
Imperial Subjects in the Soviet Union: M.N. Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, and Re-Thinking Freedom and Authoritarianism
The compelling trope of ‘Russia and the West,’ or to be more precise, ‘Russia Under Western Eyes,’ has produced a vast and significant body of literature. This has helped in the political framing of
Networks, Parties, and the "Oppressed Nations": The Comintern and Chinese Communists Overseas, 1926–1935
In the late 1920s, the overseas chapters of the Chinese Communist Party allied with the Third Communist International (Comintern)'s pursuit of world revolution and made efforts to take part in
On the Need for a New English Translation of Marx’s Capital
The following critical considerations about certain aspects of David Harvey’s all in all tremendously commendable Companion to Marx’s Capital (CE) are based on a critique of the English translations
New Revolutionary Agenda: The Interwar Japanese Left on the "Chinese Revolution"
To achieve socialist revolutions in Asia, the Third Communist International (Comintern) recommended to Asian revolutionaries the strategy of a united front comprising the proletariat and the national
Alain Badiou, the Maoist Investigation, and the Party-Form
As scholarly interest in the experience of French Maoism has been undergoing something of a renaissance, it is unsurprising that the Maoist practice of investigations has elicited varying degrees of