Uniqueness results for inverse Robin problems with bounded coefficient

  title={Uniqueness results for inverse Robin problems with bounded coefficient},
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A primal-dual approach for the Robin inverse problem in a nonlinear elliptic equation: The case of the 𝐿1 − 𝐿2 cost functional

Abstract In this work, we consider the inverse problem of identifying a Robin coefficient in a nonlinear elliptic equation with mixed boundary conditions. We firstly reformulate the inverse problem

Solving a nonlinear inverse Robin problem through a linear Cauchy problem

ABSTRACT Considered in this paper is an inverse Robin problem governed by a steady-state diffusion equation. By the Robin inverse problem, one wants to recover the unknown Robin coefficient on an

Iterated quasi-reversibility method applied to elliptic and parabolic data completion problems

We study the iterated quasi-reversibility method to regularize ill-posed elliptic and parabolic problems: data completion problems for Poisson's and heat equations. We define an abstract setting to

Weyl's law for the Steklov problem on surfaces with rough boundary

. The validity of Weyl’s law for the Steklov problem on domains with Lipschitz boundaries is a well-known open question in spectral geometry. We answer this question in two dimensions and show that

On some extremal problems for analytic functions with constraints on real or imaginary parts

We study some approximation problems by functions in the Hardy space H of the upper half-plane or by their real or imaginary parts, with constraint on their real or imaginary parts on the boundary.

Hölder stability estimate of Robin coefficient in corrosion detection with a single boundary measurement

This paper is concerned with the inverse problem of detecting a boundary corrosion coefficient which describes some corrosion index from a single pair of Cauchy data measured on an accessible


\bfA \bfb \bfs \bft \bfr \bfa \bfc \bft . We consider boundary element methods where the Calder\'on projector is used for the system matrix and boundary conditions are weakly imposed using a

Flexibility of Steklov eigenvalues via boundary homogenisation

Recently, D. Bucur and M. Nahon used boundary homogenisation to show the remarkable flexibility of Steklov eigenvalues of planar domains. In the present paper we extend their result to higher

On Some Extremal Problems for Analytic Functions with Constraints on Real or Imaginary Parts

We study some approximation problems by functions in the Hardy space H 2 of the upper half-plane or by their real or imaginary parts, with constraint on their real or imaginary parts on the boundary.

Joint estimation of Robin coefficient and domain boundary for the Poisson problem

We consider the problem of simultaneously inferring the heterogeneous coefficient field for a Robin boundary condition on an inaccessible part of the boundary along with the shape of the boundary for



On the Robin Boundary Condition for Laplace's Equation in Lipschitz Domains

Abstract Let Ω be a bounded Lipschitz domain in ℝ n , n ≥ 3 with connected boundary. We study the Robin boundary condition ∂u/∂N + bu = f ∈ L p (∂Ω) on ∂Ω for Laplace's equation Δu = 0 in Ω, where b

The neumann problem for elliptic equations with non-smooth coefficients

In this paper we study the Neumann and regularity problems for divergence form symmetric elliptic operators L = div AV, where A = (aifiX)) is a matrix of bounded measurable functions and ellipticity

Logarithmic stability estimates for a Robin coefficient in two-dimensional Laplace inverse problems

We establish some global stability results together with logarithmic estimates in Sobolev norms for the inverse problem of recovering a Robin coefficient on part of the boundary of a smooth 2D domain

Pseudo-holomorphic functions at the critical exponent

We study Hardy classes on the disk associated to the equation $\bar\d w=\alpha\bar w$ for $\alpha\in L^r$ with $2\leq r<\infty$. The paper seems to be the first to deal with the case $r=2$. We prove

C1,? domains and unique continuation at the boundary

It is shown that the square of a nonconstant harmonic function u that either vanishes continuously on an open subset V contained in the boundary of a Dini domain or whose normal derivative vanishes

Hardy spaces of the conjugate Beltrami equation

Identification of Robin coefficients by the means of boundary measurements

We consider the problem of determining the Robin coefficient of some specimen material, by performing measurements on some part of the boundary. An identifiability result is proved for Robin

Anisotropic inverse problems in two dimensions

Let g be a Riemannian metric on a bounded domain in two dimensions with a Lipschitz boundary. We show that one can determine the equivalent class of g and ? in the W1,p topology, 2$>p > 2, from

Lipschitz stability for the inverse Robin problem

We are concerned with a problem arising in corrosion detection. We consider the stability issue for the inverse problem of determining a Robin coefficient on the inaccessible portion of the boundary