Uniqueness of trigonometric series and descriptive set theory, 1870–1985

  title={Uniqueness of trigonometric series and descriptive set theory, 1870–1985},
  author={Roger M. Cooke},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
  • R. Cooke
  • Published 1 December 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Archive for History of Exact Sciences

From the beginning of set theory to Lebesgue’s measure problem

Descriptive set theory has its origins in Cantor’s work on pointsets in the 1870s. Cantor’s construction of real numbers and proof of the non-denumerability of real numbers were the first results

Grattan-Guinness, I. Omnipresence, multipresence and ubiquity: kinds of generality in and around mathematics

  • Philosophy
  • 2019
The author claims that three kinds of generality are to be found in mathematics and logic: omnipresent and multipresent theories and “ubiquitous” notions. The role of diagrams and notations in these

A Study of Some Results on Countable Sets

In this research paper, we were able to study countable sets. To achieve this, fundamental ideas and concepts from set theory and mathematical analysis were considered. Some important theorems on

Cantor uniqueness and multiplicity along subsequences

We construct a trigonometric series converging to zero everywhere on a subsequence, with coefficients tending to zero. We show that any such series must satisfy that the subsequence is very sparse,

Aleksander Rajchman (1890-1940)

W matematyce istnieja takie pojecia jak: twierdzenie Rajchmana, miara Rajchmana, zbior Rajchmana, algebra Rajchmana, zaostrzone prawo wielkich liczb Rajchmana, teoria Rajchmana formalnego mnozenia ...

Kinetics models of particles interacting with their environment

The goal of this PhD is to study a generalisation of a model describing the interaction between a single particle and its environment. We consider an infinite number of particles represented by their

Traditional Logic

a This article develops ideas taken from my dissertation, 'El nacimiento de la teoría de conjuntos, 1854-1908' (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1991), written under the direction of Javier ORDÓÑEZ.

Modèles cinétiques de particules en interaction avec leur environnement

Dans cette these, nous etudions la generalisation a une infinite de particules d’un modele hamiltonien decrivant les interactions entre une particule et son environement. Le milieu est considere

Retracing Cantor’s first steps in Brouwer’s company

Fourier Transforms of Distributions and Hausdorff Measures

Consider a distribution whose support has Hausdorff $$h$$h-measure zero. How fast can its Fourier coefficients decay to zero? If $$h$$h is close to linear, we can improve on known results by a factor