Unique structural, dynamical, and functional properties of k11-linked polyubiquitin chains.

  title={Unique structural, dynamical, and functional properties of k11-linked polyubiquitin chains.},
  author={C. Casta{\~n}eda and T. Kashyap and Mark A. Nakasone and S. Krueger and D. Fushman},
  volume={21 7},
  • C. Castañeda, T. Kashyap, +2 authors D. Fushman
  • Published 2013
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Structure
  • K11-linked polyubiquitin chains play important signaling and regulatory roles in both degradative and nonproteolytic pathways in eukaryotes. To understand the structural basis of how these chains are recognized and distinguished from other polyubiquitins, we determined solution structures of K11-linked diubiquitin (K11-Ub2) in the absence and presence of salt. These structures reveal that K11-Ub2 adopts conformations distinct from those of K48-linked or K63-linked chains. Importantly, our… CONTINUE READING
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