Unique splicing pattern of the TCF7L2 gene in human pancreatic islets

  title={Unique splicing pattern of the TCF7L2 gene in human pancreatic islets},
  author={Peter Osmark and Ola Hansson and Anna Jonsson and Tina R{\"o}nn and Leif Groop and Erik Renstr{\"o}m},
Intronic variation in the TCF7L2 gene exhibits the strongest association to type 2 diabetes observed to date, but the mechanism whereby this genetic variation translates into altered biological function is largely unknown. A possible explanation is a genotype-dependent difference in the complex splicing pattern; however, this has not previously been characterised in pancreatic or insulin target tissues. Here, the detailed TCF7L2 splicing pattern in five human tissues is described and dependence… CONTINUE READING
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