Unique role for the UbL-UbA protein Ddi1 in turnover of SCFUfo1 complexes.

  title={Unique role for the UbL-UbA protein Ddi1 in turnover of SCFUfo1 complexes.},
  author={Yelena Ivantsiv and Ludmila Kaplun and Regina Tzirkin-Goldin and Nitzan Shabek and Dina Raveh},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={26 5},
SCF complexes are E3 ubiquitin-protein ligases that mediate degradation of regulatory and signaling proteins and control G1/S cell cycle progression by degradation of G1 cyclins and the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, Sic1. Interchangeable F-box proteins bind the core SCF components; each recruits a specific subset of substrates for ubiquitylation. The F-box proteins themselves are rapidly turned over by autoubiquitylation, allowing rapid recycling of SCF complexes. Here we report a role for… CONTINUE READING


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