Unique pattern of fibrinogen cleavage by human leukocyte proteases.

  title={Unique pattern of fibrinogen cleavage by human leukocyte proteases.},
  author={S B Bilezikian and Hymie L. Nossel},
  volume={50 1},
An extract of human Ieukocytes was prepared which had marked fibrinogenolytic activity, as determined by its effect upon the thrombin clotting time of plasminogenfree fibrinogen. When incubated with a 1/10 dilution of the extract of 10 leukocytes, fibrinogen became incoagulable within 30 mm. The activity of the leukocyte extract was unaffected by 0.2 M epsilon-amino caproic acid and minimally affected by 100 U/mI of trasylol, but it was completely inhibited by 0.1 mg/mI soybean trypsin… CONTINUE READING


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