Unique irredundance, domination and independent domination in graphs

  title={Unique irredundance, domination and independent domination in graphs},
  author={Miranca Fischermann and Lutz Volkmann and Igor E. Zverovich},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
A subset D of the vertex set of a graph G is irredundant if every vertex v in D has a private neighbor with respect to D, i.e. either v has a neighbor in V (G)\D that has no other neighbor in D besides v or v itself has no neighbor in D. An irredundant set D is maximal irredundant if D ∪{v} is not irredundant for any vertex v ∈ V (G)\D. A set D of vertices in a graph G is a minimal dominating set of G if D is irredundant and every vertex in V (G)\D has at least one neighbor in D. A subset I of… CONTINUE READING


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