Unique Sandwiched Carbon Sheets@Ni-Mn Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction.


A unique sandwich-like architecture, where Ni-Mn nanoparticles are enveloped in coupled carbon sheets (CS@Ni-Mn), has been successfully fabricated. In the synthesis process, a great quantity of uniform NiMnO3 nanosheets generated by a universal hydrothermal method acts as precursors and templates and the cheap, environmentally friendly and recyclable glucose functions as a green carbon source. Via subsequent hydrothermal reaction and thermal annealing, sandwiched nanocomposites with Ni-Mn nanoparticles embedded inside and carbon sheets encapsulating outside can be massively prepared. The novel sandwich-like CS@Ni-Mn possesses numerous advantages, such as an intrinsic porous feature, large specific surface area, and enhanced electronic conductivity. Moreover, as a promising NiMn-based oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst, the special sandwiched nanostructure demonstrates improved electrochemical properties in 1 M KOH, including a low overpotential of about 250 mV, a modest Tafel slope of 40 mV dec(-1), excellent stability over 2000 cycles, and durability for 40 h.

DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b00380

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@article{Zhang2016UniqueSC, title={Unique Sandwiched Carbon Sheets@Ni-Mn Nanoparticles for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction.}, author={Yan Zhang and Huijuan Zhang and Jiao Yang and Yuanjuan Bai and Huajun Qiu and Yu Wang}, journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces}, year={2016}, volume={8 18}, pages={11396-402} }