Unique (3,12)-connected porous lanthanide-organic frameworks based on Ln(4)O(4) clusters: synthesis, crystal structures, luminescence, and magnetism.


Three porous lanthanide-organic frameworks, [Ln(4)(OH)(4)(3-SBA)(4)(H(2)O)(4)].nH(2)O [Ln = Eu(III) (1), n = 10; Gd(III) (2), n = 10; Tb(III) (3), n = 8; 3-SBA = 3-sulfobenzoate], have been prepared by a hydrothermal synthesis method. They are isomorphous and crystallize in a tetragonal system with space group P 42(1)c. The structure can be considered to be… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/ic902241n


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