Union democracy in the international typographical union: Thirty years later

  title={Union democracy in the international typographical union: Thirty years later},
  author={Kay Stratton},
  journal={Journal of Labor Research},
  • Kay Stratton
  • Published 1 March 1989
  • Business
  • Journal of Labor Research
The International Typographical Union, long cited as the one deviant case to Michel’s “iron law of oligarchy,” is examined thirty years afterUnion Democracy to determine whether or not democracy can survive in the face of today’s hostile environment. An analysis of events occurring within the union as well as the results of a case study of a large ITU local indicate that an unfavorable environment poses unavoidable challenges to democracy. 

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Empfohlene Zitierung / Suggested Citation: Scholz, J.r. (2013). Krise des korporatistischen Arrangements und gewerkschaftliche Revitalisierungsansätze im Handwerk. In S. Schmalz, & K. Dörre (Hrsg.),

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Montréal. Il a pour mission la promotion et la valorisation de la recherche. Érudit offre des services d'édition numérique de documents scientifiques depuis 1998. Pour communiquer avec les

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  • Education
    Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts of the City of Detroit
  • 1924

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