Unintentional memory inhibition is weakened in non-clinical dissociators.

  title={Unintentional memory inhibition is weakened in non-clinical dissociators.},
  author={Chui-de Chiu and Yei-Yu Yeh and Chin-Lan Huang and Y Wu and Yi-Chieh Chiu and Chi-Chin Lin},
  journal={Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry},
  volume={41 2},
Although participants with dissociation proneness showed inefficient cognitive inhibition, whether and under what stimulus-task contexts dissociators show inefficient memory inhibition remains inconclusive. This study investigated the relationship between trait dissociation and basic operation of memory control using a non-clinical sample. To reduce the involvement of strategic control and the influence of emotionality, the retrieval-practice paradigm was adopted to examine unintentional memory… CONTINUE READING

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