Unintentional drifts during quiet stance and voluntary body sway

  title={Unintentional drifts during quiet stance and voluntary body sway},
  author={Omid Rasouli and Stanisław Solnik and Mariusz Pawel Furmanek and Daniele Piscitelli and A. M. Falaki and Mark L. Latash},
  journal={Experimental Brain Research},
We explored unintentional drifts in voluntary whole-body sway tasks following the removal of visual feedback. The main hypothesis was that the unintentional drifts were produced by drifts of referent coordinates for salient performance variables. Young healthy subjects stood quietly on a force platform and also performed voluntary body sway at 0.5 Hz both in the anterio-posterior and medio-lateral directions. Visual feedback on the center of pressure (COP) coordinate was provided and then… CONTINUE READING