Unilateral refractive keratotomy for anisometropia.

  title={Unilateral refractive keratotomy for anisometropia.},
  author={Ahmet Maden and Esin Fatma Erkin and Ferit Hakan Oner},
  journal={Journal of refractive surgery},
  volume={14 3},
BACKGROUND In anisometropia, the asymmetry of refractive error produces disparity of image magnification (aniseikonia) that can create visual discomfort, especially when asymmetry is 3.00 diopters or more. METHODS A prospective study of 20 eyes of 20 patients between 18 and 61 years of age who underwent unilateral radial and/or transverse keratotomy was conducted; results of at least 12 months follow-up are presented. The efficacy of keratotomy was evaluated by the following criteria: 1… CONTINUE READING