Unilateral hydroureteronephrosis after a mesh procedure.

  title={Unilateral hydroureteronephrosis after a mesh procedure.},
  author={Ateş Karateke and Çetin Çam and Reyhan Ayaz},
  journal={Journal of minimally invasive gynecology},
  volume={17 2},
Synthetic mesh has become a popular treatment of pelvic floor relaxation and pelvic organ prolapse, with low complication rates. We describe the case of a woman with unilateral hydroureteronephrosis after a mesh procedure (Gynecare Prolift; Ethicon Women's Health & Urology, Ethicon, Inc., Somerville, New Jersey) successfully treated by neoureterocystostomy. A 39-year-old woman with pelvic organ prolapse underwent the mesh procedure. Two months later, she had left flank pain, and… CONTINUE READING
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