Unilateral cervical facet dislocation: biomechanics of fixation.


STUDY DESIGN Unilateral facet dislocation was created in human cadaveric cervical spines. Specimens were sequentially instrumented with posterior or anterior screws and plates, and studied biomechanically. OBJECTIVE To determine the biomechanical differences between anterior and posterior fixation for stabilization of a reduced unilateral cervical facet… (More)


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@article{Duggal2005UnilateralCF, title={Unilateral cervical facet dislocation: biomechanics of fixation.}, author={Neil Duggal and Robert H Chamberlain and Sung Chan Park and Volker K. H. Sonntag and Curtis A. Dickman and Neil R. Crawford}, journal={Spine}, year={2005}, volume={30 7}, pages={E164-8} }