Uniform and monotone line sum optimization

  title={Uniform and monotone line sum optimization},
  author={Martin Kouteck{\'y} and Shmuel Onn},


On Line Sum Optimization
  • S. Onn
  • Mathematics
    Linear Algebra and its Applications
  • 2021
Optimization over Degree Sequences of Graphs
Optimization over Degree Sequences
It is shown that deciding if a given sequence is the degree sequence of a 3-hypergraph is NP-complete, thereby solving a 30 year long open problem and implying that optimization over hypergraphs is hard already for simple concave functions.
Combinatorial Matrix Classes
1. Introduction 2. Basic existence theorems for matrices with prescribed properties 3. The class A(R S) of (0,1)-matrices 4. More on the class A(R S) of (0,1)-matrices 5. The class T(R) of tournament
Combinatorial Properties of Matrices of Zeros and Ones
  • H. Ryser
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1957
This paper is concerned with a matrix A of m rows and n columns, all of whose entries are 0's and l's. Let the sum of row i of A be denoted by r i (i = 1, … , m) and let the sum of column i of A be
Minconvex Factors of Prescribed Size in Graphs
A polynomial algorithm is provided that determines for any given undirected graph G=(V,E)$, positive integer $k$, and convex functions $f_v:\mathbb{N}\rightarrow\ mathbb{R}$ ($v\in V$) a subgraph of edges that minimizes f_v(d_H(v)$, where d_H (v) is the degree of v in $H$.
Inequalities: Theory of Majorization and Its Applications
Although they play a fundamental role in nearly all branches of mathematics, inequalities are usually obtained by ad hoc methods rather than as consequences of some underlying "theory of
Combinatorial optimization
Combinatorial Optimization
  • V. ChandruM. Rao
  • Computer Science
    The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook
  • 1997
On line sum optimization. Linear Algebra and its Applications (2020)
  • 2020