Uniform Grids : a Technique for Intersection Detection on Serial and Parallel Machines

  title={Uniform Grids : a Technique for Intersection Detection on Serial and Parallel Machines},
  author={W. Randolph Franklin and Chandrasekhar Narayanaswaml and Mohan Kankanhalll and David Sun and M. Zhou and Peter Y. Wu},
Data structures which accurately determine spatial and topological relationships in large databases are crucial to future developments in automated cartography. The uniform grid technique presented here offers an efficient solution for intersection detection, which is the key issue in many problems including map overlay. Databases from cartog raphy, VLSI, and graphics with up to 1 million edges are used. 1,819,064 edges were processed to find 6,941,110 intersections in 178 seconds on a Sun 4… CONTINUE READING
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