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Uniform Function Estimators in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

  title={Uniform Function Estimators in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces},
  author={Paul R. Dommel and Alois Pichler},
This paper addresses the problem of regression to reconstruct functions, which are observed with superimposed errors at random locations. We address the problem in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. It is demonstrated that the estimator, which is often derived by employing Gaussian random fields, converges in the mean norm of the reproducing kernel Hilbert space to the conditional expectation and this implies local and uniform convergence of this function estimator. By preselecting the kernel… 

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This paper shows that in the context of kernel ridge regression, for approximations based on a random subset of columns of the original kernel matrix, the rank p may be chosen to be linear in the degrees of freedom associated with the problem, a quantity which is classically used in the statistical analysis of such methods.

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  • A. Tsybakov
  • Mathematics
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  • 2009
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