Unified approach for molecular dynamics and density-functional theory.

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  • Car, Parrinello
  • Published 1985
  • Physics, Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
We present a unified scheme that, by combining molecular dynamics and density-functional theory, profoundly extends the range of both concepts. Our approach extends molecular dynamics beyond the usual pair-potential approximation, thereby making possible the simulation of both covalently bonded and metallic systems. In addition it permits the application of density-functional theory to much larger systems than previously feasible. The new technique is demonstrated by the calculation of some… Expand
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Ab initio molecular dynamics with density functional theory.
  • J. Tse
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Annual review of physical chemistry
  • 2002
Examples were chosen from fluxional molecules, solution reactions, and biological systems to illustrate the broad potential applications and unique information that can be obtained from ab initio molecular dynamics calculations. Expand
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