Unified Modeling of Multi-Domain Multi-Device ASR Systems

  title={Unified Modeling of Multi-Domain Multi-Device ASR Systems},
  author={Soumyajit Mitra and Swayambhu Nath Ray and Bharat Padi and Arunasish Sen and Raghavendra Bilgi and Harish Arsikere and Shalini Ghosh and Ajay Srinivasamurthy and Srinivas Garimella},
Modern Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems often use a portfolio of domain-specific models in order to get high accuracy for distinct user utterance types across different devices. In this paper, we propose an innovative approach that in-tegrates the different per-domain per-device models into a unified model, using a combination of domain embedding, domain experts, mixture of experts and adversarial training. We run careful ablation studies to show the benefit of each of these in-novations… 

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