Unified Gas-Kinetic Wave-Particle Methods VI: Disperse Dilute Gas-Particle Multiphase Flow

  title={Unified Gas-Kinetic Wave-Particle Methods VI: Disperse Dilute Gas-Particle Multiphase Flow},
  author={Xiaojian Yang and Chang Liu and Xing Ji and Wei Shyy and Kun Xu},
  journal={Communications in Computational Physics},
In this paper, a unified gas-kinetic wave-particle scheme (UGKWP) for the disperse dilute gas-particle multiphase flow is proposed. In this study, the gas phase is always in the hydrodynamic regime. However, the particle phase covers different flow regimes from particle trajectory crossing to the hydrodynamic wave interaction with the variation of local particle phase Knudsen number. The UGKWP is an appropriate method for the capturing of the multiscale transport mechanism in the particle phase… 

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