Unified, flavor symmetric explanation for the t t ¯ asymmetry and W j j excess at CDF

  title={Unified, flavor symmetric explanation for the t t ¯ asymmetry and W j j excess at CDF},
  author={Ann E. Nelson and Takemichi Okui and Tuhin S. Roy},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present a simple, perturbative, and renormalizable model with a flavor symmetry which can explain both the $t\overline{t}$ forward-backward asymmetry and the bump feature present in the dijet mass distribution of the $W+jj$ sample in the range 120--160 GeV that was recently reported by the CDF collaboration. The flavor symmetry not only ensures the flavor/$CP$ safety of the model, but also relates the two anomalies unambiguously. It predicts a comparable forward-backward asymmetry in $c… 

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