Unido in Nigeria United Nations Industrial Development Organization

  • Published 2014


Welcome to our first Quarterly Newsletter. We are delighted about this platform to communicate, inform and educate you on UNIDO's projects/programmes in Nigeria. Through this newsletter, you will gain insight into how the organisation makes its impact and the outcome of the various industrial development activities, conferences and workshops we are involved in. As a partner for prosperity, UNIDO is committed to activities that promote sustainable economic development and equitable growth. We believe that Nigeria will not be left behind in benefiting from the globalization of markets and that prosperity will be shared amongst all citizens in all parts of the country. If you have any comments on the newsletter or will like to share your views with us, kindly contact us via In January, 2014, UNIDO together with the EU launched the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) p r o j e c t , a c o m p o n e n t u n d e r t h e N i g e r i a Competitiveness Support Programme. This project is a comprehensive approach towards strengthening the trade infrastructure and alleviating the technical barriers to trade in Nigeria.

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