Unidirectional emission of a quantum dot coupled to a nanoantenna.

  title={Unidirectional emission of a quantum dot coupled to a nanoantenna.},
  author={Alberto G Curto and Giorgio Volpe and Tim H. Taminiau and Mark P. Kreuzer and Romain Quidant and Niek F van Hulst},
  volume={329 5994},
Nanoscale quantum emitters are key elements in quantum optics and sensing. However, efficient optical excitation and detection of such emitters involves large solid angles because their interaction with freely propagating light is omnidirectional. Here, we present unidirectional emission of a single emitter by coupling to a nanofabricated Yagi-Uda antenna. A quantum dot is placed in the near field of the antenna so that it drives the resonant feed element of the antenna. The resulting quantum… CONTINUE READING
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