Unicellular cyanobacteria fix N2 in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean

  title={Unicellular cyanobacteria fix N2 in the subtropical North Pacific Ocean},
  author={Jonathan P. Zehr and John B. Waterbury and Patricia J. Turner and J. Patrick Montoya and Enoma O. Omoregie and Grieg F Steward and Andrew Hansen and David M. Karl},
Fixed nitrogen (N) often limits the growth of organisms in terrestrial and aquatic biomes, and N availability has been important in controlling the CO2 balance of modern and ancient oceans. The fixation of atmospheric dinitrogen gas (N2) to ammonia is catalysed by nitrogenase and provides a fixed N for N-limited environments. The filamentous cyanobacterium Trichodesmium has been assumed to be the predominant oceanic N2-fixing microorganism since the discovery of N2 fixation in Trichodesmium in… CONTINUE READING
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